you need
  • program Game Maker
In the beginning, create a character in the game (we call it, for example, obj_player).In order for him to learn to walk in the button «Left» Check the collision objects and the displacement along the X axis to position -4.Do the same in the button «Right», changing position at + 4. Do not forget to change the sprite.Now, our character can go left and right.
How to create a game online
Create a new object (obj_platform), which in the future will be a platform.Do not forget to put a tick in the Solid obj_plat
returns to the character obj_player.From the menu, choose the Step conditions as shown in the figure.

Note the variable on the left.With it, the rate of fall may be limited to 12.
How to create a game online
To create a jump is necessary to introduce a variable jump, with which set the maximum number of aftershocks.The menu create Creates a variable with a value of jump = 0.Variables are created using the extracted in figure red.When you transfer it into «Actions menu appears.Specify in it the necessary conditions, as shown in the figure.
How to create a game online
menu press are taking the same steps as in the following figures:
How to create a game online
And a few more steps in touch with the objectobj_platform.Thus, the main engine for our game ready.It remains to prescribe additional functions.
How to create a game online

Stairs To create a ladder we need tabs Up, Down and Step.Create a new object obj_ladder.Next Step tab, put down the values ​​as indicated in the figure:
How to create a game online
work with tab Up (see. In the figure).Down with tabs work the same way, but do not forget y = -4 replaced by y = + 4.
How to create a game online
What a game without a villain?Therefore, for our hero always need an enemy.Create a new object obj_enemy, continue to go to the event Create.They create the action and set the parameters, similar to those shown in the figure.

obj_rotate Next create an object and make it invisible.To do this, simply uncheck Visible.
How to create a game online
Murder protagonist
This is the crucial moment: it is necessary to provide for the possibility of murder character.For this we use a system of life and health, which is already built into Game Maker.In the event

Step perform the following steps:
How to create a game online
Health character.
Make bayonets in the game in the same way as you created the villain.Next place: Set the health relative to -1
So we achieve that the health of the character of the game will be reduced each time you touch a bayonet.When health remains less than one, the character will burn one life.
How to create a game online
The last stage will finish some finishing touches: make a great level, the ability to prescribe tracking camera for a hero.To do this, in the room during laying of views take the following action (see. Picture).

change values ​​and Hbor Vbor.They are responsible for the x and y coordinates at which the camera starts to move.These are the basics of creating
simple platformer using Game Maker.