search engines index, ieadded to its catalog as the one-page static sites and portals and huge dynamic forums and online stores.In order to search engine noticed the new address in the Internet - domain, add it to the search engine through the so-called Add Url.Google:Яндекс:Апорт: !: http: // / submitBing!(MSN, Microsoft Live Search): how domain was added to the Add Url, the search engine will require from a few hours up to 2-3 weeks to take site and startits indexing.Thus,
on site, of course, be some text content.
The easiest way to check if your website in the search system, and view the number of indexed pages - enter into a search engine site address , including the prefix http: //.If you make the address in quotation marks, the search engine will show you the back links to your site.
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