To find your IP- address within the local network in Windows, click on the icon with two stylized monitor located at the bottom right of the screen, or use the command ipconfig / All.In the second case, you also get additional information.For example, if access to the network through a network card, you will know it MAC- address .
In Linux, to determine the address of the IP- and within the local network, run ifconfig.If you are using to access the Internet using a mobile phone program KPPP, click it on the "Details" and plate "Statistics KPPP» you will see address within the local network operator, as well as external IP- address.Note that sometimes, because of an error in the program, these two address and are mixed up.
Go to the site, address is listed at the end of the page.Note that when using the phone with UC browser, he is sometimes unavailable.Depending on which way you go online you will find one or address (external assigned to you by the provider) or two (external and located behind a proxy server).The second situation occurs if you use compression tool received and transmitted data (for example, Opera Mini, Opera Turbo, UC, Skweezer).Note that these servers are not anonymized (ie, the owners of sites that you visit, you still know your real external address ).The use of anonymizing proxies in most forums and other Internet resources is considered bad manners.
To find out whether your IP- address is static or dynamic, disconnected from the network, and then reconnect to it.Now check all three and address (on the LAN and the external proxy server).Those that have changed compared to the previous, and are dynamic.