Tip 1: How to create a page on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia of electronic, in which anyone can not only view any interesting information, but also share their knowledge with others.This allows you to maintain the relevance of all the articles on the website and update the resource completely new data on various subjects.
you need
  • authoritative source of information.
to add your article should first make sure that this title does not exist.You can use the search by the resource, or enter into your browser address like: «http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Название_темы» .If the search results desired article is missing, you will see the link "Create an article."
After clicking on the link will open the edit box where you enter all the necessary data.Text issued proposed tags.Type edit page you can view by clicking on the "preview" .If you edit should be remembered that the article should be of an encyclopedic character.Furthermore, all data should be clarified by sources, or the article is flagged as ques
tionable.There are standard rules, which are regulated by a minimum level of significance of the article.All materials included in the third person, in the scientific style in the sequence.All phenomena are described in a neutral manner.In Wikipedia there are a number of templates that simplify the process of writing articles.
After the article is checked and all links and images feature, you should press the "Record page ».Then page can be regarded as established, and it appears in Wikipedia .

Tip 2: How to create a Wiki article

« Wikipedia » - a popular online encyclopedia created by the readers themselves.If you are well versed in any subject and want to share their knowledge with other users of the Internet, you can write an article in "Vicky."
How to create a wiki article
Check whether already created an article on the topic that you want to tell the world.When searching for items using synonyms, driven into the search box of the topic threads.However, if exactly the same or similar article was found, do not worry.You can add an existing, or when writing his article, a link to the found, as a general or related concept.
also possible that you should create a page redirect.This page is needed in those cases where there are two concepts of one or more names.It sends the user to a page with the right information, but she did not appear.
In order to write a wiki article, type in its name in the search.After the system will ask you notes, where it finds the combination of the words, you will see a top link to "Create Page."The brackets will indicate your name.Simply click on the link.
Before you open the tab "Editing", where you should enter the text of your notes.
Wiki article should start with a brief introduction.If you are struck by the idea of ​​writing this article at the time, as you have read the information on your subject is close, keep in mind that users "Wikipedia" can get to your page from any location.Give the reader all the information yourself.
keyword or title, the term should be in bold.Above all the infrequent words put down an accent.Also, the emphasis should be put in words that the user can read in two ways.
Periodically use the preview button to see whether all the information is correctly displayed.
If you are satisfied with the appearance of the article and its contents, click the "Save page" to save the information you entered.Now Wiki article stored on the server.
in "Wikipedia" is a section of "writing", which provides guidance to authors on writing articles on a variety of topics, from technical sciences to the descriptions of the cartoons.
articles are not signed, becausecreated an article edited by an additional several peer editors, but you can subscribe to the discussions of individual materials.
  • in Wikipedia to be famous