Please make sure that the result will be displayed in the proper format.Open the notebook and then click "Save As" in the open window in the "File Name" enter the name of the document and through the expansion of the list the html.For example, "moy_ site .html».Click "Save".
Close the notebook, the site created document icon should appear browser.If it does not, it seems, you make a mistake in the format.Save again.
Open and mount it in the future backbone of the page. & Lt; html & gt;& lt; head & gt; & lt; title & gt;& lt; / title & gt;& lt; / head & gt;& lt; body & gt;& lt; / body & gt; & lt; / html & gt;
based on the structure of any website and the same.All components are concentrated between the tag «html» and «/ html».The head prescribed styles that will be applied to the entire d
ocument and specify attributes to display the page in a browser.For example, title - the title of the tab, and using the tag & lt; link rel = "shortcut icon" href = "image address" & gt;inserted a small icon to the left of the tab name.
Body - the body of the page, the most important element of it.Between the associated tags are set all the visible attributes page background image or background color, text, images, tables, links, etc.
Think about the structure of the site as previously it is desirable to draw on a sheet of paper in the form of a diagram.Calculate the space under the cap, text, images, menu items, etc.
Any web-page - this table, the number of rows and columns in which depends on the complexity of the project.Otherwise, just do not turn out to bind the elements to specific locations on the screen.And thanks to the table for each of them created his own cell, within which you can use attributes align.
To visualize the results of experiments in " Notepad " use the "Save" in the browser - "Update".Use this link after each change, especially if you have relatively little experience in creating web-pages.This will allow you time to notice the error and correct it.