you need
  • - browser;
  • - internet access;
  • - Administrator rights on the local machine.
Contact your service provider for dynamic ip.After his appointment, when you connect the computer to a network location, you can use during a single session, to complete the connection.
Request an ip address automatically via the "Control Panel" in the "Network Connections".Select from the list "Internet Protocol" and click "Properties".Check the box next to "Obtain an ip address automatically."
Use common protocol network settings DHCP and make your request in order to obtain the available servers.As an ip address, source select «».Fill in the message some parameters: the unique address of the computer hardware and the l
ast known address of the ip address of.The server will send you a response, which will indicate the new address and other parameters (for example, DNS-server address).You can choose the parameters proposed in its sole discretion.
Sign up for DNS-server to the selected address.This can be done through a customized interface using the options received.
Please visit on the image that appears, enter your e-mail address.This starts the registration to create your ip.Confirm the creation of addresses will come to your mail.
Download the program from the site Updater to automatically update the DNS-server.After installing the program in the "Start" menu, you will see the label "Dynamic DNS».Click on it right mouse button, then "Customize."After the update program sets new ip address.
Note that with dynamic ip address, you can not use your computer as a web server.But you have the opportunity unhindered information from the network, which is updated in real time and automatically.