Enter on line search engine "to place free ads » or «Place advertising ».
evaluate the effectiveness of the site where you want to place a free ad .It is important to know the number of visitors, the category of products / services, how easy to search online to see if the number of display ads.
find out if your group of products / services to the list of allowed for free Ad placement.
If the first impression of the site-site positive look at the reviews of those who have used the services and place your free ad .Learn
, does not imply any advertising hidden fees.Very common cases, when a "free" offer should make money for the "service", "support", "edit" and imposed other services.Be careful.
Choose sites where you can post pictures of products / services, logos.Ask whether
there is an opportunity to strengthen advertising visual effects (animation, video, slideshow).All this will attract a large number of interested potential customers your advertising.
in free advertising has one big advantage: it saves your budget allows you to express yourself without any additional investment.This is especially important if you have a small business.If you are just starting to unwind their business, free advertising is very useful.Also it is better to resort to it if you are unsure of the profitability of the project.
Cons of free advertising - it's her limitations.First, a limited number of places where it can be placed.Secondly, the limited number of visitors who can see it.Often the so-called free sites for advertising offer the opportunity to place certain categories of free advertising.Typically, this is a fairly narrow list, but if your business is one of the permissible for placing free advertising, the use of this opportunity.