you need
  • - browser;
  • - access to the Internet.
Find FTP- server through one of the sites containing the directory, for example, to the next page, a menu named "Top 100", after which you will be given a list of the most commonly used FTP-resources from around the world.You can also use the usual search engines, but it will take you a lot longer.In case you are looking for a city FTP- server , know his address, you can have user forums or urban sites.
Check out the special client software to work with the server FTP- s such a lot, but some of them differ from the others by the presence of the search function of available resources, for example, the program FTP Info.Also, many of which already contain a list of the most well-known resources, which greatly simp
lifies your work with the search server s and files on them.Those programs, which contain a list of s server, you need to be updated periodically in order to make the catalog of recently released resources.
To search for a particular file, which is located on one of FTP- s server, enter its name in the space provided.This is true only in the case when this function provides the interface of the resource that is not uncommon.
also to search for files, use the websites listed at the link above, or with the help of their peers.Here, you only need to select the desired type of element in the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
Please note that search engines are often used when working with server FTP- s not so adapted to search for written similar name, so try to indicate the exact name of the file in compliance with the punctuation,keyboard, the letters and so forth, is also sometimes necessary to know the exact extension, but this is quite rare.