When sending mail, the majority of parcels given a unique identifier of a mail (tracking number).It may consist of 12 or more letters and numbers.Thanks to him the recipient can track the location of the parcel.Depending on the selected service delivery data is updated once a day or once every few hours.

On Ebay, after the seller has sent you a package in the mail, it sends a message, which must indicate the tracking number.If he did not, you can send him a letter asking for it.

Sometimes cheap parcels sent without tracking, is always prescribed in terms of sending the item description page on the site Ebay.At the same time, you can ask the seller to send the goods with the assignment of tracking numbers, for a smal
l fee.After all, knowing how to track the parcel with Ebay, you can worry less for its safety.

Once you've got mail id, it is possible to use it to track the parcel on the various services.This can be done both on the company's website forwarder: http://www.dhl.ru/ru/express/tracking.html, http://www.emspost.ru/ru/tracking/, http: //www.russianpost.ru, and in a variety of specialized services.The most reliable ones are: http://www.track-trace.com/post, http://gdeposylka.ru/, https://www.usps.com/.Using them is easy and convenient.The home page of each site has a search box where you need to enter the tracking number.This will bring up a table with a detailed description of the delivery status.

The tracking service, as well as the majority of postal services, failures occur.It often happens that a search on the tracking number shows that the parcel is stuck in a certain place for a week or more.If at this time it is on customs, it is not surprising, it is a common situation.But it happens that postal services do not work efficient and do not update data.It happens that the parcel has already been delivered to the addressee, and the postal service means that it is still on the way.So do not worry about such failures.In 99.9% of cases, sooner or later, but the parcels reach their destinations.