In order to accurately calculate the number of pages Internet resource easiest way to take advantage of automatically generated site map (Sitemap).If your site is relatively not large, you can use a special online service for generating maps of sites and counting pages ( ).
To do this, go to the specified resource, which by default is always opened on the tab "Free Online Sitemap Generator", that is, free online service.Type the URL (internet address) of
your site in the empty box and press «Start».After some time, the service will generate a map of your site.
Upon completion of service, you will be redirected to the page from displaying details of a site map.In it you will find information on the number of pages on site , broken links, the content of XML-file and a link to a file with a map of the site.Use this link to download the site map in the root directory of your site.
Unfortunately, this service is shareware and is designed for sites that contain no more than 500 pages .If you want to process with the help of the larger sites, you will need to register and receive personalized online access to the service.The program costs $ 19.99.If you choose to purchase the paid version, go to the second tab site "Unlimited Sitemap Generator".On this page is, you will find detailed instructions in English describing the possibilities of service and rules of its use, as well as a button for payment procedure by the system PayPal.
If you create your site using a common CMS (content management system), you can use plug-ins designed for them in the preparation of a site map and counting the number of pages .In particular, for the common good, there cms Joomla module SEF Service Map, which allows to generate a map of the site and work with them.System Word Press has a special plug-in for saytmap that need to be further established.