you need
  • - PC with Internet access;
  • - script bush;
  • - hosting.
Download the free archive file script using the link at and register for hosting IPhoster with a monthly fee of 1 WMZ.
Click on 'Order "and select" Web Hosting ".Choose a tariff plan.Come up with a unique name for the future and the Bucs and enter it in the appropriate field.Determine the domain with [$ 0] and click "Next".Choose duration of subscription fee, cPanel control panel and click "Next".Specify the payment method, click "Order" and pay by using appropriate for your currency.
Select "Hosting", login to your account and click on the "master database MySQL".In the window that appears, create a database, giving it any room and come up with a stro
ng password.Enter these details in the corresponding fields and confirm.Activate all the items in the column «All Privileges», by ticking the check and return by series "Back" and "Return to the home page."
Enter the "File Manager" from the drop down menu select the directory the string "root directory of Web content (public_html / www)» and click «OK».In the window with the existing multiple files, click on the menu item "Download".Under "Browse", specify the path to the file with the script.After it is fully loaded, return back by pressing the appropriate button, and click "Remove."
Go at your and the Bucs and start the installation script.In the window that opens, fill out the form by writing her name in your database, its name and password by which you entered in "Master Database MySQL».To log on to the Bucs list the administrator login and password.
Following the warning appears "Installation is complete!1. Remove from the host files install.php, bd.sql », go to" File Manager ", select and delete these files.Set permissions to 777 files: sfbstat.php, backlist.php, / avp - a folder, /admin/config.php, /admin/mailcfg.php, config.php.