you need
  • skills surfing the Internet, the ability to write literate lyrics, knowledge of social networks and popular Internet resources, the ability to analyze traffic data resource
Fromthe type of goods you are trading, and the estimated number of audience should choose methods "of promotion┬╗ Internet store , their sequence and intensity of use.With proper planning and management of the project, started from scratch, will be profitable in six months, even in a highly competitive environment.
to the newly opened store most successful first step is placement of price-lists on price grounds.There is enough in runet today.The most popular are the resources: Mixmarket, of Yandex.Market,,,, where the goods description and a link to your site, usually not difficult, and payment is made for the transition to our site.That is money spent directly and turn visitors into buyers there - depends upon the price and user-friendly interface.
further "promotion┬╗ Internet store impossible without search engine optimization.The higher your store to be found on the page when a search query, the more you will have customers.Optimization - a complex set of works, which deal with the layman is often difficult.It includes links and buying and placing information in catalogs and writing articles, and much more.All this is possible by the master, but it is better to use the services of experts (the average cost of their services - about $ 1,500 per month).
should be noted that search engine optimization is appropriate in that case, if you are trading popular goods (souvenirs, books, gadgets or travel vouchers).In this case, the percentage of conversion of visitors into customers will be great.If the items are rare or specialized, by the search engine optimization is necessary to resort to the last.
third step in the promotion may be placing contextual advertising.The most popular systems of today are three: Yandex, Google Adwords and runner.Among them, the leader Yandex, therefore, it should be noted, and in the first place.This method is effective enough to attract customers, but keep in mind that if the range of products your store large, the administration will take a lot of time.
completed the previous steps, you can move on to the field of media promotion of the resource.This is an area with a bad forecast returns, but an unusually wide field of activity.The more information about your online store will come across the casual user, the greater the likelihood that he would use his services.If funds need to seize every opportunity.Efficiency can be everything: buying banner ads on popular or niche sites, link exchange partner, placement in catalogs (such as Rambler Top100) or participation in competitions.All this increases the level of trust users on the network to your store, which will certainly affect the profits.