should know that translate the site to another hosting you can only if the owner of the domain name under which to operate your online resource.If you have a domain name, you get a new hosting that meets all your requirements, and payment for his services for a couple of months.That's enough time to check the quality of hosting services.
signing up for hosting, get in his reference material information about the names of DNS-servers.It is for these data is carried out a comparison of the domain name, and the particular host.Names usually two.
Go to the site owned by the registrar of the domain name you enter your username and password (you must be), enter the domain control panel.Find the fi
eld with the names of DNS-servers and replace the old names with new ones.Save your changes.
process of matching a domain and hosting takes about a day.During this time, lay a copy of your site to a new hosting site, place all the files in the folder public_html.After the completion of the "anchor" your site will be opened at the same address, but has to be placed in a new location.At the time of moving the site recommended to post on its front page a message about a possible temporary break in work.
In that case, if you created a site on free hosting and domain you use granted, painlessly transfer the resource to another place not succeed.A similar situation arises in the event that you are allowed to register your domain hosting provider.You can not move to another site, because the domain that you used for the registration and which paid belongs host.Never agree to such proposals, register the domain yourself.
In order to translate this website to another hosting service, first register a new domain name.Then download all the pages to the computer and edit them using any appropriate software, able to work with HTML.You will need to change the mode AutoCorrect first part of all the links, replacing it with a new domain name.Place the pages of your site on the hosting, "tie" to his new domain.Check the site.Remove all of the pages of the old site and instead, at the home page, place an ad about moving to a new domain with its instructions.