you need
  • Software "FileZilla".
To move the site from a computer to a remote server must be available from the ftp-client manufacturer FileZilla.To date, this ftp-client is one of the best free products.Therefore, since the work of copying the files on the site server, stop the choice on FileZilla.Check this ftp-client and run it.
How to fill in the site hosting
Click "File" menu - select "Site Manager".In the window that opens, you must specify the registration information you received when purchasing access to the server:
- "Host" - in this field you must specify the server IP;

- in the "User", enter your nickname, and the "Password" enter your password;

- from the drop down list "Type of input", select "Normal" and click "Connect."
How to fill in the site hosting
After connecting to the ftp-server will load directories: in the left part of the window are your files, and on the right side - the files on your server.Locate the server folder public_html.In this folder you need to copy all the files and folders of your website:
- the left side of the window, select all the files by pressing the key combination Ctrl + A;

- click on the selected files, right-click and select "Download".

Typically, files are loaded for about 10-15 minutes.At this time, you can read the documents in the hosting and read the ReadMe.txt file what permissions you need to put all the files on the server.
How to fill in the site hosting
Once downloaded the file, note the 3 tabs at the bottom of the page, they show the status of file transfer to the server.If the tab header "Failed transmission" contains any number other than 0, it is necessary to re-transfer the files.

After completing these steps, select all the files in the right part of the window - click on the files, right-click - click "access rights to the file."Enter a numeric value, for example, 777 or 755. By default, most servers automatically sets the value 755.
How to fill in the site hosting