term "username" is borrowed from the English language.The word translated log (among others) as "magazine" and a pretext log in - «register" or "enter".Therefore, the word "login" can be interpreted as a label in the journal, that is the name used to register and login.

Username may consist of letters, numbers, or combine both, and more.Such a set of printed characters should be unique to a system in which you want to work, you are able to recognize and not be confused with other users.The second defining criterion is the password.It is needed to confirm what you want to gain access to certain information rather than the other person, accidentally typed your login.

Each user login invents itself independen
tly.Unlike a password, it is recommended to use a simple and short name that is easy to remember and keyboard input.For example, any email service login is part of your email address (логин@mail.ru).You not only have to keep typing in your username to check correspondence, but also dictate the address to others.If the login difficult to do so would be problematic.

Sign up and sign in with your username give the user the ability to manage your account edit personal data, and to carry out a series of actions that are not available to others - unauthorized - users.

On the forums, there is such a thing as a "nick" or "nickname", indicating a pseudonym under which a person communicates with other people.Sometimes a username and nickname may be the same, and sometimes - not.Often, to simplify registration (and life) User login is used as already available to a person e-mail address and nickname, he invents himself.Carefully read the fields that are filled in the registration sites, to prevent errors.