Tip 1: How to change the width of the template joomla

Joomla is one of the most customizable and friendly towards users of the CMS.Using the capabilities of the content management system can not only fill a site different functionality, but also to change its appearance based on the installed templates.
Open the main page of your site.In your browser menu, select view page source.In Google Chrome, the tool is located in the "Tools" - "View Source" in Firefox - «Web Development" - "Source Code."If you are using Opera, you can view HTML-code, select "View" - "Tools" - "Source Code."
find the handle and see all the div and their names.Open your template.css template with any text editor and locate the block, which clearly sets the width width.For example, if after standing, the template file name searched block.In order to simplify the search, you can use the "Edit" - "Find" editor.See all the div, specified in the source code of the page.
The width parameter, enter the desired value in percentage or pixels.Look at the rem
aining blocks, which have the same widths, and likewise change them.For example, if you are in the main layer added to the width of 200 pixels, you should add the same 200 pixels in the other blocks.
After making changes, save the file and see the result, if necessary podredaktiruyte template.css again.If the background of blocks in the template used images, you probably will have to change their size.Also, for each div, you can set your own background color, which can replace the monochromatic image.If there is the logo design of the site, then you will be able to stretch it with any image editor.In template 's also possible to use their images.

Tip 2: How to edit a template joomla

To give a personal website webmaster set the original template, because design - that person site.A large number of models to impose today can be downloaded from the Internet, and they will have a very nice view.Typically, the templates that were copied from the network, edit the site to be unique.
How to edit the template joomla
you need
  • - image viewer;
  • - FileZilla;
  • - text editor Notepad ++.
To view and edit files of your template, use the FileZilla.With it you can work with configuration files in the online-mode.As a rule, changes in the website design process 3 files: index.php, template.css and templateDetails.xml.
«cap" site is an element of the page, which goes from the top to the beginning of the content, hence the name.Also called Heder (header).Typically, the "cap" site be replaced only by a logo or any other image (logo.jpg).Location Site logo is in the file template.css.Open it with Notepad ++.
To search for any value you must use the option "Search for item": press the key combination Ctrl + F and the empty field, type the desired value.If you want to change the width or height of the image in the "header", type in the search word header and press Enter.
following search term, you will see the line: Height (height) and Width (width).Change these values, then press the key combination Ctrl + S, to save the changes.In the dialog box, FileZilla, click "Yes."
Visit the site to see the changes.If you are not satisfied, go to the file and enter the new values.
To change the size and name of the font on the home page, use the search engine.Enter the word body and press Enter.Below this line operator has font-family (name) and font-size (or the size of the font).Change their values, save the changes and go to the site to view them.
To change the character display links in the search form must be entered one by one the value a: link (standard reference), a: visited (the visited link) and a: hover (active link).Press Enter, to find these elements in the file template.css.
Edit the font-size (size) and color (color reference).After they change you'll notice that not all links have gained a different color or font size.In this case, you need to look for alternative accommodation options links.For example, those that remain unchanged are located in the main menu, so you will need to search for congenial element.
Enter search word "Home" and press Enter.Chances are you will find yourself next to items left col link and left col current link, the value of which you need to change.After editing, save the result and go to the page, all links on the page is loaded, have apparently changed.
Remember that each block is located in another block, and therefore it is often necessary to change the size and other div-s.
Helpful Hint
All template files are located in the root directory of the site, folder Templates.There is a file template.css.
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