you need
  • - a computer with access to the Internet
  • - program browser
first determine the purpose for which will be used by the mailbox for whichyou need to come up with a login.If this is a mailbox for work, it is advisable to use your name, or combined with the name of the organization if it does not appear in the title of your email server.Also, it is quite logical for your mailbox to make reliable information about the first and last name when registering.
If you need to come up with a name for the mailbox to be used for personal purposes, select one of several ways.First, you can use generators nicknames that exist on the Internet.There select the desired length of the nickname, as well as the letter, which he
should end or begin.For example, you can use the online nickname generator .
Think about your hobbies, maybe they can tell you an integral part of your username.You can invent a username based on your preferences in music, art, cinema.Also, if you are fond of learning any language, we can take any concept that you can characterize and translate it to another language, such as Greek or Spanish.
to invent a login, use the following as a crazy manner.Close your eyes, placing the keyboard in front of you, decide how many characters should be in your future login.Ottopyrte fingers, toes number must match the number of characters in the alleged nickname.Next lower your hands on the keyboard several times from different positions, do the clicking.Such a method can also bring your score if you do not use it to login, it can give you based on the characters that you get.
Use a mirror way to invent login.If the previous methods have not given their results, write your name or the name on a piece of paper and read the opposite.This, too, you can touch up on the idea, either use the received word as login.
If you come up with a name for your mailbox, and already pass registration procedure, you will encounter the following obstacles: the login can be busy.There's two options: add characters to the login (numbers, for example, year of birth), or choose another server for e-mail.