you need
  • Disposable festive dishes, food, surprises for the guests, table games, pajamas
sure to warn all guests about how to dress on the pajama party.Warned that the dress code - pajamas - a required element.After all, if at least one of the guests ignore this fact - pajama party will not be alone.Since this kind of clothing is more like a childhood, you can add to your outfit some appropriate accessories - for example, to tie or fasten the hair ribbon bow.
plays an important role decoration of his apartment.Imagine that you arrange a children's holiday.A pile of balloons scattered about the rooms, streamers, bright satin ribbons - these decorative elements create the right atmosphere.
As for food, then pajama party guests do not expect you to culinary delights.It is "in the subject" will be pizza, cola, chips, candy and other sweet foods that you are so loved as a child.Serve food on festive disposable containers.Colourful plates and glasses will add brightness to the party and will relieve you from the global dishwashing.As gifts to friends, you can buy a Kinder Surprise - another element of childhood, which will not give any one adult.
Think about what you do all evening.If there are only a party girl, be stylists for each other - a manicure, pedicure, hair, makeup and arrange a photo shoot with a ridiculous affectation.Do not be afraid to fall into childhood - for one night it is even useful.For background choose good movies like "Barfuss", "500 Days of Summer," "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind."
If a mixed party, a good option in many ways become the game "Twister," "Monopoly," "Truth or action", "Crocodile".At night you can remember summer camps, where we loved to tell horror stories.We are all helpful to relax with friends, without thinking about how we look.No evening make-up and hair styling, in a circle of close friends you have a good time and maybe these pajama party become your tradition.After all, to be a child at any age.