Tip 1: What to give to a friend on Valentine's Day

In day St. Valentine , which is celebrated annually on 14 February adopted a declaration of love and to give romantic gifts for your soulmate.How to make that thing a man came to taste, aroused his admiring gaze and even more kindled in his heart of love for you?
you need
  • - fantasy;
  • - knowledge of the characteristics of other tastes;
  • - glasses with rhinestones;
  • - books made by your hands;
  • - cake with a declaration of love;
  • - a romantic dinner in a restaurant;
  • - you wrote a poem for a friend;
  • - internet;
  • - two tickets to the Alps;
  • - personal certificate on the ownership of the site of the moon;
  • - business card holder;
  • - expensive pens;
  • - the original tie.
If you want to give something really exclusive, do the book with their hands.Name it: "100 reasons why I love you."It is better to list them in the form of short sentences, clear and concise.For example: 1. Because your name - the most - the most beautiful in the whole world!2. Because you always want to find a s
pace for me in the subway!3. Because only you call me so kindly - my kitty!t.p.Pridumayte and original design, such as a heart with a key or anything else.
Give a friend a gift certificate.He may be called, for example: "Rendezvous in the Japanese style."Let it be a romantic dinner in a restaurant, it is in Valentine's Day.
Create your personal glasses of love, if you prefer the glitz, glamor and exclusive.It may be two glasses with your monogram, made of rhinestones, in an exclusive postcard-box embroidered on it the most cherished words of love.
give each declaration of love in verse form, if you have the ability to write poems.Do not skimp on the praiseworthy epithets write an ode to the man, indulge his vanity.
Book great exclusive cake with written acknowledgment of it or write it yourself, if you want your love learned the entire office, or all members of your family.Just try to make it beautiful.If you prefer not to devote the public their personal feelings, you can bake a cake and a small heart-shaped for two.
If your friend is a big fan of the Internet, register the domain name in the format www.familiya_imya_ya love tebya.ru and place on the main page of the flash-card for him.
If he - the great original, gladden him, giving the personal use of land on the moon painted or computer mouse.
Treat fans of extreme recreation skydiving or skiing on the highway somewhere in the Alps.
presents another mini-brewery or a crossbow, if you want to give a solid men's gift.
gift options can be a lot, it all depends on personal taste of your friend.For example, you can give a beautiful leather belt, expensive pens or cigarette lighter, painted tie, diary, business card holders, the original beer mug, etc.Importantly, do not forget to give her tenderness, smile and good humor.

Tip 2: What to give for Valentine's Day

Day St. Valentine taken hold with the second half, presenting each other's gifts and sweet souvenirs.Do not be upset if you do not have a solid amount of the purse for a gift for a loved one, it's probably a sign of attention, intended to tell the giver of sympathy.The main thing is to do it sincerely and wholeheartedly.
Gifts for Valentine
young man.Congratulating her man, many women on this day to stuff the pockets of his suit jacket, and the set of love letters and postcards.There should be more careful.Imagine that your beloved during a serious meeting, for example, or lectures at the university, getting glasses or a pen from his pocket, dropping some of the ardent colorful letters.This could seriously damage his work, knock thoughts confused.Prefer numerous notes a few love letters by e-mail or in the form of SMS messages.
As for the main gift, buy your favorite perfume water, beautiful housekeeper, which immediately attach the key joke of his own heart, a good quality pen.Bake for a birthday cake or cookies, make a video of your common photos, listing quality (with the selection of appropriate pictures) that you value it, give a certificate to the store or sporting fishing.Whatever gift you choose, the main thing here - to emphasize that you respect his interests and cause sincere joy of receiving gifts.Naturally, all this it is necessary to add a sweet heart-shaped greeting card with the words of your love.
choosing a gift for the lady of the heart, the main thing is not to repeat, because not every girl will appreciate another musical bear, saying "I love you."Invariably popular gifts are: a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates and a bottle of good wine.You can dilute this list of beautiful decoration, tea pair, as two complementary hearts certificate to a beauty salon or a lingerie store, movie tickets, or theater.If you want to surprise beloved, contact craftswomen hand-made, because this gift will be only she: earrings with your joint photo, brooch or pendant in the form of her favorite fairy tale or a cartoon character, original doll angel, which undoubtedly will decorateany room or even topiary - a beautiful tree made of coffee beans and other original materials.You can also order a clock on the wall, where the background of the dial is your photo and the words "I love you", the original set of sheets, pillow cases on which is also applied to your photos.
general, to congratulate St. Valentine can all those with whom you communicate or work for a long time.Those who February 14 marks the Day Angel - Valentine m - you can give small icons, amulets with the image of the Holy or figurines of angels.Friends Hand kupidonchikov chocolate, gift box with cookies or candies in the shape of hearts, as well as small valentine, in which he expressed gratitude for the friendship and support.Will be the perfect gift or decorative scented candles, which can be useful is February 14.Girlfriends can buy soap in the shape of hearts or a cup with a symbolic pattern and fragrant strawberry tea.But male friends will delight business card holders or wallets, where you can put a coin "for luck."And you can just bring to the job a big cake in the form of heart and to treat colleagues, giving each piece a light festive mood.
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