uses specialized software (CCleaner, RegCleaner) to correct the accumulated error in the records of the registry that arise when starting and closing some programs, editing system parameters and incorrect installation and / or removal of certain programs.Manual correction of the erroneous registry entries can not be recommended for novice computer users for security reasons and possible damage to the system.
Update and use the latest catalogs virus installed antivirus program.Error message can be caused by actions of malicious applications that violates the standard methods of treatment programs to the computer's memory.
Make sure that the installed memory module is compatible with the proces
sor and does not exceed the maximum amount of memory.You may need to disconnect the module to determine the possible hardware conflicts.
Check the compatibility of the program that caused the error message, with a "Data Execution Prevention", designed to prevent the execution of malicious code.Quite often the "Data Execution Prevention" (LDPE) sees the program as a threat to the stability of the bearing system and prevents their execution, causing an error message 0hs0000005.
Follow the creation of a new default profile to avoid the possibility of conflict between the installed printer driver and the rest of the equipment system.
Check out the video drivers updated not too long ago - the appearance of errors in initialization can be caused by incompatible drivers installed with the rest of the equipment.
Stop using Internet Explorer 6, and install the latest version of your browser.
Be careful when using the anti-virus Symantec Antivirus - if the error message is present value savrt.sys, you need to upgrade the program.
Make sure that you have installed the latest Windows updates and Service Packs.