Tip 1: How to arrange a class party

Education, work, and in the evening TV or computer ... drab little leave behind memories.To make life bright and cheerful just need to sometimes throw parties!If your experience in this matter is not too large, use our tips on organizing classroom parties.
First of all, mark the occasion for fun.Check the calendar to search for public holidays and upcoming birthdays.If there are not expected, will approach the recent sporting achievements of our athletes, foreign holidays such as Halloween or Oktoberfesta, the anniversary of any historical event or invention, the birthday of your idol.You can arrange a "day pizza", "beer day", etc.The more original excuse for fun you come up with, the more interesting it is going to be a party.
Think about who you want to see at the party and calculate the number of invitees.
Find a suitable place where you can organize your holiday.In summer you can have fun and outdoor activities, making appropriate decorations: pull the tents, sprea
d out to rent tents.Perfect for a party villa or cottage.In the cold season you can rent a room.Home parties - not the best option if you live in an apartment house: here and limited space for a maximum of 10 people, and angry neighbors.However, if you have a quiet, intellectual or mystical party with Divination by Tarot cards, consider such an option.
Set a date and time of the party, suitable for most guests.
Determine budget party.Calculate how much money will have to spend on the room equipment, food and drinks, accessories and gifts for competitions.Do not hesitate to offer to all those invited to chip in to hold a party, after all, have fun, then they will.
Choose food and drinks.With regard to the food you need to find a middle ground.On the one hand, it determines the amount of food the guests fun, so do not hold a long feast.On the other hand, guests do not have to go hungry, or they, too, will not be before the holiday.Ideal - to provide a snack in the public domain, so that everyone can easily eat, when he wants it.Accordingly, such snacks should be in the form of fruit, sandwiches and canapés, slices of cheese, meat, sausages.

As for drinks, you should ask the guests what drinks they expect to see at the party.In the end, maybe someone will be individual wishes.
Think of the musical accompaniment.Universal version - to have a trendy dance mix.When the party is dedicated to, for example, from the birth of another child Britney Spears, should focus primarily on the songs of Britney Spears.If your environment specific musical preferences, follow them.
Think of entertainment and competitions, because there are simply bored and dance.Try to enter competitions in the entertainment and the theme of your party.For example, in the "Pizza Day" arrange a contest for speed eating it.Anniversary of the founding of the Bolshoi Theater note masquerade.Exit to hire new thriller with a favorite actor in a leading role to celebrate competitions accuracy using target and darts.Look for the idea of ​​universal games online.For example, "Phantom" will be held on the "cheers" in almost any party.Stock up on all the necessary equipment for games and competitions.
Assign a leading party.If guests will be many, providing it with a loudspeaker or microphone.
That's the whole ideological background of a cool party.Now we have to translate the idea into practice and have fun from the heart!

Tip 2: How to make a party

Reasons for fun in life abound.This calendar holidays, and happy events like graduation or birth.And, of course, birthday parties!If you wish, you can organize a party at least every week - a reason for celebration is always there.It is only necessary to know how to make a party fun and memorable.To praise and guests and hosts.
Cmeh guests - a sign that the party was a success!
you need
  • - the guest list
  • - phone entertainment
  • - menus for parties
  • - balloons and other decorations
  • - games and competitions for large companies
determine the place for a party.It can be a night club or a bowling center, a house on the nature or sauna.The most budget option - to throw a party at home.If conditions do not allow, ask for the evening for someone of his close friends.
Write a list of guests at your party.All telephoned in advance to see whether they can come to this day.Be prepared for the fact that the last time someone changes his mind or is busy.
Think menu.If the VM once or do not want to cook, order food delivery to your home.You can throw a party of any one food, such as pizza or rolls.And you can make a sandwich shop and cut their own party canapes for all tastes.
Think about what you can amuse guests.One table talk is sometimes not enough.Pre-pick the music, cook a few games as a reserve for a large company, for example, the Mafia, or Scrabble.At parties are always popular competitions, especially for the best costume or accessory.
Decorate your home with balloons and flowers or themed trinkets, for example, small pumpkins, if this Halloween, or icicles, if New Year.
calculate what it would cost you a party.If the amount is too large, skimp on the secondary.Do not take the cheap alcohol and snacks.It is better to think about what you can do for the party with his own hands, and not to pay the store or company entertainment.
- in entertainment options with you most likely will be asked to prepay
Helpful Hint
- partying from Friday to Saturday or Saturday to Sunday in order not to wake up in the morningAfter fun on the job.
  • own experience, consultation with the Event Manager Karavaeva Galina