If you're not already in a relationship with a guy, but want to get his attention, as a gift, choose an inexpensive souvenir.Valentine did not accompany him better - too frank.The purpose of the little souvenir in Valentine's Day - draw the attention of Man, in which you are in love, while not expressing his feelings too openly.If he asks why you are making a gift, say: "I wanted to do something nice!".It is not necessary to specify that for the past six months, you can not think of anyone but him.If you're a nice young man, with his hand followed by a reciprocal step.
If you are a man already mate with each other, choose a gift for the other criteria.Men like practical things, so it's good if you give what they can actively use: purse, bag, umbr
ella, gloves.
Make a gift with their own hands, if you have such a talent.Tie favorite warm scarf, bake a cake and decorate it with hearts, draw a picture, make interior decoration.Make a gift personally ensures that every time you look at a guy will remember you.
guided by the interests of the young person.The athlete can give a towel with embroidered hearts, a businessman - an expensive pen engraved, music lover - headphones.Think about what the guy was pleased the most.
If you know the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest for a Man, but do not know much about the characteristics of things are conceived to purchase presents the beloved gift certificate - as he will be able to choose what suits him.
Make a collage with your photos and put it in a frame.You can transfer a collage on some useful thing: a cup, t-shirt Case for cellular, Calendars.
Buy traditional shaving kit - men are always needed.
Give guy ticket to the concert of his idol or favorite band and make him company.