This can be done, lounging on the couch, looking at all the TV series and the transmission, such as "Let's get married!" and absorbing the incredible amount of popcorn and chips, and then wonder circles under the eyes and wreathed waist.The result of this "rest" is likely to be depressed.The best thing to do in such a situation is, his appearance, wardrobe and surroundings.
Start with a general cleaning of the apartment.Slowly, the sounds of your favorite music wash the windows, doors, wash curtains, creates around itself a pleasant, cozy atmosphere.
Review your wardrobe, throw out unnecessary things, to repair things which had not got around.
downloaded from the Internet video lessons, do exerc
ises in the morning.
Take your appearance.Cucumber, egg, honey and any other daily facials rejuvenate your face.
After a relaxing aromatic bath with almond, rose, fennel or any other essential oil do yourself a manicure and pedicure.
Three times a week is better in the morning visit the city beach - you'll get a beautiful tan.
Treat yourself, your favorite, hot bath with mineral salts, aromatic or bombs - it will give you the opportunity to relax completely.
eat better light healthy diet by eating plenty of vegetables and fruits.For example, vegetables with meat, cooked in the oven.Such food does not require costly or time, and the taste, appetizing appearance, lack of calories and vitamins presence will create a good mood, improve the complexion and noticeably narrow the waist.
Take something useful and enjoyable for yourself, for example, sew a dress or refresh their knowledge of English.
When from Spain call your friend and tell that the room at the hotel she went to the little neighbor behind the wall of my snoring does not sleep, the man that she liked, appeared Alfonso after sea bathing herbody is covered with a crust of salt, which is corrosive to the skin - you just posochuvstvuete it.And why do not experience more jealousy.
returning to work cheerful, tanned, rejuvenated in a new dress, trying to catch yourself admiring glances colleagues, you will realize that your vacation is a success!