Tip 1: What to give for Valentine's Day girl

Feast Day of St. Valentine becoming increasingly popular.Gifts to make and receive always a pleasure, and in Valentine's Day - especially.This festival gives you the opportunity to express their innermost feelings.
not do on this day, without the traditional flowers and valentines.Make sure that the bouquet was made and decorated individually.Learn the language of flowers and make a bouquet with meaning.For example, a flower means "you are the only flower of my life", three - "will follow you to the ends of the world", the five - a declaration of love.Pink represents love, bright red - passion, and blue - devotion.If this day your girlfriend works, send flowers to Valentine pinned recognition to work.
accepted February 14 to give sweetness in the form of hearts.This may be chocolate, cake, candy.Chocolate - a well-known aphrodisiac, which perfectly reflects the essence of the holiday of lovers.
Girls like soft toys.Gave her a funny little animals, or her favori
te cartoon character.Such a gift will remind your lover to you.
Jewellery (ring, chain bracelet) - a great gift.If you know her taste and believe in his will please her jewelry.
Give your girl a lasting impression.For example, a romantic dinner in an exotic restaurant, a horse ride or a parachute jump (if your girl ekstremalka and long dreamed about it).
Charm the girl, giving her all the stars from the sky.Japanese scientists have created a home planetarium, which will recreate an exact copy on the ceiling of the sky.It even allows you to arrange desired Shooting Stars.
invent and make a gift for the girl with his hands.This can be a disc with a recorded declaration of love poem or essay that can be rolled into a tube and stick the bottle, as did tolerate a shipwreck.Make a frame for your photos together and arrange a romantic photo shoot together.If you are a creative person and compose music, write a song for his girlfriend, and if your hobby painting - paint her portrait.It does not matter if it works perfect, the main thing - such a gift will remain in the heart of the girl for a long time.

Tip 2: What to give the girl on Valentine's Day

February 14 - is the time to confess his love to his girlfriend the first time or the hundredth time.On this day all the lovers give each other gifts and spend a romantic evening together.Choose you a present suitable for your Valentine.
What to give the girl on Valentine

If you want to surprise your girlfriend, you will have to work hard over the gift to her and express their full attention to the interests of his beloved.Drop the standard options with plush toys, jewelry, perfume and cosmetics.Let some of the following options will seem not very romantic, but they are unusual and uniquely useful.

Give your girl a subscription to a fitness club, dance school and a swimming pool.This option is suited to lovers of an active lifestyle.Be careful with these gifts, if your woman is dissatisfied with her figure.In other cases, it is a useful and positive gift, which is exactly useful.

Record his girlfriend in a language course, if you know that she has long wanted to learn English, Spanish or another language.Leave the choice of convenient schedules for it.Arrange

favorite photo session with a professional photographer.In the process you both can participate.Then turn out excellent romantic pictures, which then will give you a lot of pleasant memories.

good gift can be a day at the spa.Presented a certificate that includes a variety of massages, wraps and hydrotherapy.Your girl will hold many exciting moments for the benefit of the body.

If your girlfriend truly values ​​its high technology, give her one of the trendy gadgets.This may be a cell phone, player, tablet, e-book or a car DVR.

for women engaged in self-development, which is serious about his career, will be an excellent gift certificate for personal growth or training workshop on modern business gurus.

Do not forget the bouquet of favorite colors, because they - the embodiment of Romanticism.In addition, arrange dinner at a favorite restaurant or at home with candles and champagne.

Helpful Hint
gift need not be expensive.The main thing in this day - to pay as much attention to your girlfriend and give her a good mood.
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