you need
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh bread
  • skewers
  • Candy
  • X / W thread
  • Balloons
ChildrenBuffet's birthday, you can decorate a beautiful, original and edible.Moreover, the kids are younger and older preschool age may be quite finicky guests and not touch the delicious salads and lovingly baked boiled pork.So the best way to decorate the children's table and at the same time feed the little guests - to make a beautiful meal.Almost all children without much pleasure eating salads and second meat dishes, so excel hot and not worth it.But almost all of the kids are very fond of sandwiches.And that is as ornaments sandwiches can be a perfect option.But do not just banal sandw
iches with sausage and cheese, and delicious creative and funny sandwiches or canapes-zveryata-skyscrapers.
of sausage, slices of cheese, olives, cucumbers, canned corn and peas in different combinations you can build a sandwich, a cell phone or a sandwich - crab.Bread, cooked sausage, greens and tomato quickly turn into a delicious rose and vegetables, cold cuts, cheese and slices of bread using shpazhek built multi-storey bright canapes.
How to decorate a table for children
Fruits and vegetables in natural form like not all children.Therefore, you can go on a little trick, as a decoration on the table putting slices of fruit jellies and tall glasses filled cutting fruits.From chocolates and a long string is constructed in a few minutes long garland, and between the plates with the main dishes you can sit down on the number of chocolate animals younger guests.

Without the "inedible" ornaments will be difficult to do so before the triumph is sure to stock up on balloons, colorful bows and ribbons.
How to decorate a table for children