Petersburg - one of the most romantic cities in the world.Nevsky, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Hermitage Museum, Summer Garden, Peterhof and bridges, bridges, bridge ... Evening city fascinates with its illumination, which is reflected mysterious glint in the water channel, and in rainy weather - in luzhah.Odno of the most amazing things to do in St. Petersburg evening - walk along Nevsky.Illuminated lights went off Avenue boom, fanned by the smell of coffee from the hundreds of coffee shops.Walk down Nevsky in the evening - then plunge into the unique atmosphere of poetry and romantiki.Vechernie spektaki in the Musical Co
medy Theatre, Alexandrinsky Theatre, Theatre on Vasilevsky Island Philharmonic concerts and conquer not only the guests, but also of St. Petersburg.Tickets, of course, better to buy in advance, but even if we were in the city on the day of the performance, risk - maybe there is some free time on warm mest.V Neve conduct laser show - a show unforgettable.Above the surface of the water bloom picture inimitable beauty and pleasant sensations razmaha.Nemalo will walk from St. Nicholas Cathedral.Highlighting its so original that it seems the building is about to soar into the air on the wings of archangels.You can go to vespers in the Kazan Cathedral.During the service creates a unique atmosphere of detachment from earthly thoughts and soul as if filled svetom.Posle spiritual food, you can think about their daily bread and to look into the wondrous confectionery "Garson" that behind the cathedral on gentle on the Griboyedov Canal.Wonderful coffee and French pastries to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding gourmet.At the metro station Gorky, is famous for its cuisine restaurant - "Demyanova ear."There can be delicious and satisfying dinner.Many coffee shops and bistros located along the Neva, where you can taste sweet and fragrant kofe.Okazavshis in St. Petersburg evening , you can visit the "Trans-Force" - virtual entertainment center of St. Petersburg.Finding himself in this place, this moment you can get into any city of the world, without leaving the country.This is due to the three-dimensional simulation prostranstva.Nakonets, it makes sense to just walk movable bridges over the Neva.At dusk the spectacle makes a lasting impression.Gromada bridge, divided into two parts - the cost to be reunited in the morning on the waters of the Neva.