features and options of congratulations today there is great variety.You already know your little guy , and therefore are likely to realize that he could impress him.For example, if he still does not know your culinary abilities, surprise him, give a romantic candlelight dinner - all the dishes and prepare yourself for that.Even if it's just a salad of shrimp, cod liver sandwiches or an appetizer with crab (do not forget about aphrodisiacs!), Be sure to think of it any romantic names.Agree to a magical evening will be pleasant to your favorite salad to taste 'World for two "or tart
lets" all-consuming passion. "
Do not forget about the symbol of Valentine's Day - Valentine.Only they will have a little different.For example, type a few options the most beautiful (in your opinion) SMS greetings - and during the day a declaration of love to the guy over the phone.Believe me - not just the girls want to hear that they are loved.
And how you the option of taking a romantic adventure?Of course, in this case it is best to bring their friends (preferably at the same time your guy did not know them).For example, your girlfriend may gypsy dress and approach him on the street.Pretending to speculate on the arm, let him predict today evening or mysterious mysterious meeting.In short - it Intrigue.And when he comes home, let your favorite finds in the mailbox a letter of invitation from an unknown sender - a proposal at a specific time to come and learn something very important.This invitation can also deliver directly to his office by courier or messenger.Additionally, you can send him a mysterious map (in the manner of one who are looking for the treasure) - for her he would have to get to the designated place.And then - a flight to your imagination: how to stand in front of him, what you will wear ... and it is important, of course, is that you love him.
By the way, do not forget about the gift - perhaps it goes without saying that it must also be unusual.This does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money on him - not at all.For example, if your boyfriend is a programmer, you can give it an original and mouse mat.He is a business man?Perhaps then he like a desk clock (of course, is not quite usual).Your young man is interested in wrestling or boxing?Then surprise him quite stylish mug titled "Knuckles".What is your favorite loves crossword puzzles and all kinds of puzzles?It certainly will please puzzle of spherical magnets.And it is quite appropriate for this day will be a souvenir in the form of a heart-govorunchika that will express your guy the whole tirade of compliments and words of love - do not forget to tell a loved one, it's your heart, and all it says - very true.