you need
  • - balloons;
  • - wire;
  • - red cloth;
  • - red wrapping paper with a pattern of hearts;
  • - cardboard red and white.
Buy Balloons of red and white flowers in the shape of hearts or a round.Fill them with helium or air, so that they got the same size.Balls filled with helium, attach to the back of the chair with the help of satin ribbons or ribbons for gift wrapping.Wire make contours of the heart-shape or of different sizes.If room big figure configure large enough so that they do not get lost in the room.Gently tie balloons to the wire, alternating colors, or if it seems complicated to you, do the hearts of the same color.Hang ornaments from beads on the wall or attach the chandelier.
Buy in stationery store template or
nament of hearts or cut it yourself.Take two cans with red and white paint.From the remaining piece of the repair of textured wallpaper cut squares and paint them out of cans or a brush.Wait until the background is dry, then apply using a stencil drawings contrasting color.Above pattern can be decorated with sequins, rhinestones, or until the paint is dry, sprinkle with finely chopped Christmas-tree tinsel.These original jewelry glue on cardboard or heavy paper, hang on the wall using the type or bulavok.Po Christmas garlands of paper, cut the chain of hearts and merge several bands into one long.These garlands can also decorate the walls room and to the day of lovers.
In room ah, where they spent the holiday parties, usually with large windows and, if they are not decorated with beautiful curtains or blinds, and you can decorate them.Strung several layers of corrugated paper ornamental red or pink with white print on the "live" thread, then sosborite material by pulling this thread.You should have a lush ruffles.Wire bend various shapes - hearts, circles, flowers.Secure sosborennuyu paper on the wire.Instead of ornamental wrapping paper can be used for wrapping gifts polyethylene, nylon hair bands or starched fabric of a suitable color.
table decoration Valentine's Day, choose dishes that are present red and white colors.Good will look kremanki filled with figures of jelly in the form of hearts.Top salads with mayonnaise draw characters prazdnika.Iz normal tissue cut red flaming heart and put under glasses with red same wine.Do not forget the candles - the indispensable attribute of romance.