you need
  • - Internet access;
  • - computer;
  • - installed software for communication Skype;
  • - photos.
To start Choose the photos that you want to send via Skype.The size can be any quality too.The standard version of Skype allows you to send photos and pictures in .jpg format, and .bmp - ie JPG, and bitmaps.Check whether the picture with these requirements.
Go to Skype, will be located on the right window with your contacts.Place your cursor on the account of the person to whom you want to send the photo.Click on it with the right button of a mouse.You can send a photo or image and in the general chat.
In the box that appears, click on the menu line "Send a file".Once you have clicked on this
item with the mouse, the menu will Navigator.In this window, select the folder that contains the photos you want.You can stay at the folder on the desktop, in the folder "My Documents" on the C drive on the USB-stick and so on.
Click on the desired photo file in the selected folder of the computer.Shipment has already started sending time will be determined depending on the speed of the Internet for you and your companion.Typically several seconds or even less.Now the person to whom you sent a photo, you need to press "Accept file" so that he embarked on his computer.