you need
  • - a set of long balls;
  • - pump;
  • - water.
Buy a set of long balls and a special pump to inflate them.If children grow up in a house and you love to do original gifts, then this device will help you out repeatedly.With some practice, you can use it to inflate and round balls, rubber and more intricate shapes.However, you can also use a bicycle pump and nipple cap to inflate the balls.
Grip the long ball over the top of the neck and then several times a good stretch it long.Then gently dab the product in your hands, being careful not to damage t
he delicate surface.
balloon inflates too fast.The longer and thicker the more frequent movement of the piston can be.Note: for further modeling of rubber pieces necessary to leave a small uninflated "tail" (10-15 cm in length).Then torsional products will remain free space for the air and the ball will not burst.
Try to inflate a long ball without pump.For this you need a lot more effort.You can pre-fill the "sausage" water from the tap, then release the liquid - latex becomes softer and more pliable.Then gently inflate and deflate the balloon, then drag and mash latex.
measured from the mouth of articles about five centimeters, and hold the rest of the (starting from the top) so that air is supplied only in the space.Inflating the ball, gradually seizing and clutching his short lengths.It should be gently stretched by the movement of the product itself.
Release a small amount of air from the inflated balloon - then you can easily start up the neck in a strong knot, and the future of festive decoration will not burst.