Tip 1: How to draw a valentine

a game called "Valentine's Day" happy to play the entire country.Adults and children, imitating the Western tradition, with tenderness buy souvenirs in the form of hearts, wrote touching letters, give as gifts sweetheart spring bouquet.Of course, an integral part of this celebration are the trading cards valentines .They are bought at the store and master yourself
those with artistic talent and taste, it is recommended to draw valentines .
Take a sheet of plain paper is fine draft, fold it in half and near the fold line, draw a half heart.
not straightening, cut out the heart and expand the resulting stencil.
Take a sheet of thick paper (well, if it is a designer paper or cardboard) and draw a pencil stencil.
Now attach the template to a drawn so as to coincide the roundness of the heart (as it should have a mirror image).Another option - to bend the paper and trace the template so that when you cut one of the parties (at the fold) remained untouched.
Feel free to cut the double heart
If necessary, paint the received card and be sure to enter the soft words of his own feelings.
-card can be decorated with rhinestones, sequins, sequins, lace and even fresh flowers.
for computer geniuses easier option.Use the shortcut keys "Ctrl + N", create a document in Photoshop.
From the toolbar, select the "Gradient Tool".Will fill types, click on the "Linear Gradient" and determine your future background valentines .
Fill from the top down.If you enable the "Show grid", the pattern will get a more balanced and crisp.
In the "Custom Shape Tool" has a variety of forms: select heart, determine its color and press the "Shift" to save.
To give heart volume, you need to paint it with a gradient.Do the following: using the "Selection Tool" select the shape on the toolbar and type of gradient.
The left side of the figures paint a small highlight with a brush.The same flash unit can be placed in the right-hand side.Figure
ready, it remains only to come up with a greeting text and paste it.

Tip 2: As detailed calls

itemized billing is a special service of the mobile operator, which allows you to get a full report on calls made to your phone number and a list of mobile communication services, which were obtained.
As detailed calls
you need
  • - a computer with Internet access;
  • - a mobile phone.
Choose detail of your calls to find out what has been spent money from your mobile account.Typically, mobile operators provide three types of documents.The first document - a detailed bill.It contains only the total amounts spent on various directions.Get the details of this form you can free for a full month.It shows your costs for a variety of services in total.
time specification calls a decoding messages, phone calls, Internet sessions.It can be ordered for any period.The cost of this service depends on the operator and tariff.It does not include subscription fees and charges for additional services.
Make periodic detail, it also contains general information on services, as well as a full transcript of your calls.Typically, this service is free, the report is sent to the beginning of the month for the previous to your email.Please note that it is not available in all tariffs, so check with the operator of the moment.
execute the order details via the online support system on the site of his mobile operator.For example, if your operator "MTS-Moscow", follow the link https://ihelper.mts.ru/selfcare/.If the "Beeline» - https://uslugi.beeline.ru/, «MegaFon» - http://www.megafonmoscow.ru/serviceguidelogin/.If you open this page, the message "Error in the certificate", select "Continue".
Log in to the system by entering your phone number and password.When you first go to this page, follow the instructions to obtain a password.Usually it is necessary to send an SMS to a specific number and the sms will temporary password.
Select the appropriate menu item in the system, and then specify the period details and enter your email address.If necessary, select the file format of detail, it is best to select the text.
  • how to draw a Valentine's Day