easiest way - go for a walk with her best friend or other close to home.Sit on a bench and talk or walk through the area.This will be useful for your body and does not imply financial costs.
move further.Take yourself a morning jog or evening, depending on weather and the day you can go to the sports ground.Pull-ups, push-ups, running, help and have fun, and will benefit greatly.Any qualitatively performed training, will bring you a storm of positive emotions.
If you are not a fan of sports events, then try to play.Racquetball, for example - a fairly entertaining game.And tweak health, and mood lift.
If you live near a landing, or some little wood, you can take three or four potatoes, a slice of bacon and bread.Go to landing, make a fire and roast on sticks tasty lunch.
no money, and you do not have the mood.Try it yourself to raise: take a camera and go to be photographed in a nearby park.See how positive emotions appear when you begin to pose.And take a walk in the fresh air at the same time.
If you live next to the "water", for example, with a fountain, a source, a lake, a river, you have the opportunity to visit such a peaceful place.Here, your soul is filled with romance.Looking at the water, you gently dream.And if you are not satisfied with quiet amusement, then it is possible to swim, and provided clean vody.Odnim of the great ways to relax is fishing.Here everything is simple.They took the bait and went to a nearby pond.As a bait you can use worms or bread.
You can also take your favorite book and go to the park, comfortable to sit on a bench under a beautiful open sky and read or write poetry, is one of the best places to poetov.A if near by forest, and youcontinue to complain about the lack of money.Take a knife, a basket and go for mushrooms.Do not like mushrooms - take a jar of berry.It's fun to bring you and your family a lot of good.You can bring your mat and sunbathe.If you live in an apartment building, you can sunbathe on the roof, just be careful.