At home, there are various options.Arrange small gatherings, inviting friends or acquaintances, communication with whom you have been pleased.Surely you will find a small provisions, and for the party can be prepared a couple of uncomplicated treats.At the same time, declare in advance, inviting guests that behind them too, a couple of interesting works of culinary art.It may even be a chaepitie.Zato when you're all here, it is possible to have more options while sharing forwarding: board games, karaoke, socializing, watching interesting TV programs.Or, perhaps, someone will bring an entertaining movie.In any case, you can try and not let each other get bored.
Go for a walk around the neighborhood together.If it is a central
part of the city, then make a trip to the major shopping centers like Mega, where you can just walk and contemplate the surroundings of the internal organization of many small and large shops.You can lie in various IKEA sofas and t.p.Esli you live away from major shopping areas, it is not excluded that the forest or near a large park area.Go to get some fresh air and watch the lush vegetation.Bring badminton or just a ball.Or, in the case of the proximity of the river, you can arrange a competition "who flat pellet proskachet on the water."
In winter, go for a ski trip or a walk in the park.Blindly snowman, build a snow fort, snow arranging taking "the Bastille" with a joyful noise and snowballs.It will be interesting to capture the memory of such rapid action, so bring a camera or camcorder.I'm sure one of you will be able to "sacrifice" for the sake of such a class is not actively involved.If you have a sled or snow-cats, arrange a ride with slides.You can ride even on the snow-packed bags of thick polyethylene.
not only in the summer, but from late spring until the first frost can go rollerblading or biking.
April 18 - World Day for Cultural Heritage, and on May 18 - International Museum Day.Entrance to most museums these days are free.And even some carry out the action "Night at the Museum" where the entrance to the museum is open until late at night, and sometimes all night.Find out in advance about places of cultural heritage and museums, announced the launch of such events.
On time a longer period of leisure activities, such as during summer vacation or holiday, join a search engine or labor groups.You will enjoy many different experiences.Yes, and friends poyavyatsya.Takie kinds of activities can be arranged in advance on the Internet finding out about possible options, for example, about the same labor camps.Ask a search engine "seasonal work abroad", and you will surely pick up something for everyone.A small portion of earnings for each day you have enough funds to make up for the road.Even still remain.