If you are connecting to the local network intrahouse, install a computer network card if this was not done earlier.In Windows XP version up to and including the driver may need to install such a card.In Linux, as well as Windows Vista and above, the network card will work immediately after installation.
cable provided by your ISP, just connect to the network card.Set the computer IP-address specified in the documents received from the provider.Provide customer support MAC-address of the network card (if required), and then proceed to use the Internet.
If the connection is made via ADSL, first unplug the telephone line from all devices.Connect it to the input jack of a special device called a splitter.By splitter to connect two cables.One of them is connected to the low-frequenc
y output, slide to the telephones connected in parallel.Another attached to the high-frequency output, connect to the input of the modem.
the modem, depending on the model, connect to the computer via USB or Ethernet.In the second case you need a network card.On the computer, install the software to work with the protocol PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol Over Ethernet).Enter the username and password provided by your ISP.
much more convenient to use for connecting to an ADSL modem with built-in special routers.In this case, the compound of telephone cables in the same way as in the previous case.The computers (there may be up to four), set the network card and connect the modem-router.No additional software on the machine is not installed.
All computers enable automatic reception seteovgo addresses standard DHCP.All work on the interoperability with the equipment provider via PPPoE roouter take over.The main thing when configuring enter your login and password.