easier and safer way would be to give your lady what she wants.If a girl is silent as a partisan and sighed, walking past the shop with ornaments, try to discreetly find out what she wanted.To do this, for example, can play a "truth and action" and ask what would be the perfect gift for her.
Listen to the words of your ladies.Perhaps it is already ten times told you that would like a collector's edition of the cartoon "My Little Pony" and you thought it was stupid and then threw out of my head.
gift does not necessarily have to be mate
rial.Give your girl subscription for access to the spa, the occupation of a dance or a photo shoot.It will be original and nezaezzheno.
believed that Day gift for Valentine must be considered romantic.Do not rush to buy plush puppies and balloons in the form of a heart, because you can come up with something interesting.Give girl live butterfly, launch into the sky Chinese lantern.
If you do not niggle - giving women a star!To do this you have to draw the online store order, and you will receive a certificate that the name of your favorite girl named point of light in the distant corner of the galaxy.
Perfume and lingerie - is a risky gift.Give these things is that if you have a stable and lasting relationship.Choosing perfume, consider if you've heard this smell on someone of your friends.And God forbid you make a mistake with the size of laundry.For inattentive men will be much safer to give girl certificate, on which it will be able to buy herself that she liked.