you need
  • cosmetics bright colors, clothing, out of fashion, books of divination
Party disco
At the beginning of the twenty first century disco 80sand 90s.again gaining popularity.In trendy clubs, music channels you can hear modern arrangement of "gold" hits of past decades.A similar club party can be arranged and at home.Firstly, it is necessary to comply with the dress code: wear bright leggings or denim shorts coupled with elongated T-shirt and vest floated;find platform shoes.Secondly, do not forget about the face-control: makeu
p and hair should be evident.Makeup is well suited shade of blue, bright scarlet lipstick with a touch of gloss and matte blush ruby ​​color.Hair should look volume.The girls then twisted the hair on large curlers do hair greased back hair and secured with hair strong fixation.When the image of each girlfriend is found, it is necessary to think about the musical accompaniment parties.On the Internet you can free download disco music favorite artists or ensembles such as "Mirage", "combination", "Tender May", etc.The party will be remembered for a long time, if the company girlfriends "in the way", taking with him a tape recorder, will be released on the street and in the courtyard of the local light will begin with the rhythms of favorite hits.
Magical Party
Probably not in the world a girl who does not want to lift the veil of secrecy over their own destiny.However, in recognizing his own future as something scary, and no one with whom to discuss the results will hear or read.In this case, you can make a real magical party for girls .The best time for divination - around midnight.Let each bridesmaid choose one divination from books or thematic sites on the Internet.Then circle the girls are wondering, as one of them wrote in his book results.Such a party in the comic atmosphere will help even more to make friends girlfriends, find answers to their questions and to feel the real soothsayer future.The main thing, a condition where in the store the recorded prophecies that after a while, once again get together and evaluate the results of divination.