you need
  • circular knit fabric, the so-called knitted stockings
  • White fabric
  • Beads
  • corset bone
  • Painting on fabric
  • Tights
  • Fabric green or blue
to the top of the mermaid costume suit shiny white cloth, or any dress.Oboshem neck beads, they not only decorate the neckline, but will keep the piping.

to-tail skirt must be to measure part stocking.At a distance of about 10 cm from the upper edge of soap denote line alignment.A skirt connected to the upper part, marked-line aligning with the bottom of the upper part.Matching items on the sewing machine, route one line above 1 cm marked line, and the second - exactly in line.Top left free edge.Wrap it in the skirt, tucked inside an open cut.Lapel waist resulting in the end - this is
the beginning of the tail of a mermaid.
For fin pattern, the rest of the knitted stocking cut lengthwise.Of each half to carve out a fin - 2 pieces of folded.Neaten sections of both parts of the fin and the lower edge of the skirt.We apply the fins to the lower edge of the skirt, so that one part was the front, the other behind, make sure that the bottom edge of the skirt are not peeking out from under the fin.Baste fins to the skirt, combining with the fin corners and protruding corners and connect to each other.Fin sew skirt.
Corners fin sewn follows: line laid along the top edge to the corner and along the bottom edge on a length of 7.5 cm. At a distance of 1 cm from the edge, formed between allowances put pieces of bone corset and stitch allowancesovercasting stitch.After this corner of the fin will retain its shape.Paint, draw on the fin strip.
If the performance of the Little Mermaid Dress seems complicated or time does not, you can get scrap materials.So, for the upper part of the dress fit tight white T-shirt.Decorate collar beads.And to take a mermaid tail tights, green or blue, they cut off the 15 - 20 cm and sew each leg of the shaft, they will play the role of the mermaid fin.Shaft - Tacna web width of 1 m and a length of 25 - 30 cm. Desirable green, blue, or blue.That's all the little mermaid costume ready!