you need
  • Phonebook
  • Cookbook
  • Pajamas
  • Toothbrushes by the number of reviews
  • Slippers on the number of guests
First of all, make a listthe friends you want to see at the party.For about two weeks, and ring up their invited guests.Be sure to warn about the format of the event and the dress code - entry only in pajamas or nightgowns.
Of course you have to understand that invite people for the night, so the next day to be output.Be careful with sleeping areas and a sufficient amount of spare toothbrushes.
theme parties can be any.Joint cooking (and eating and after) pizza, a beauty salon, "between us girls," etc.It all depends on your imagination.Try not to include only the loud music and not distu
rb the neighbors to the party did not end with clashes with police.
Gather Stand-up snack.The ingredients may be any greater than the species the better.The only condition - the food should be light and possibly a low-calorie.Do not forget that a party organized just for girls, and will probably have to bite all night.A selection of drinks depends on your preferences.It may be easy dessert wine, and fruit smoothies.The main thing that has not had a headache in the morning.
As you know, malchikav entrance to the pajama party prohibited.But you can talk about them at least until morning.Warn your boyfriend that will spend the night together.Otherwise, you will continually distracting calls and SMS.When it is good, if a little boys porevnuyut you, it only whet their love.
After pajama party it's time to sleep.Well, then all together to remove traces of nightly gatherings.If you want to meet regularly with friends, make it a rule to help the owner clean up the house.It is proper to each time change the place of deployment, and to arrange spree at a time.So you save the friendship, peace in the family and a sense of celebration.After trekking to visit - it is always an event.