you need
  • - Services Event agencies;
  • - Senior Prom;
  • - Photographer;
  • - Videoperator;
  • - Artists;
  • - Balloons.
  • - Attire alumnus / alumna
befriended a young creative professional driving, attention to detail an interesting scenario in which will be a place of laughter, fun, jokes, games, competitions and quizzes.
arrange the room with balloons, in order to emphasize the solemn atmosphere of the prom at the time of certificates.After all balloons is the attribute that in minutes will transform even the most nondescript school gymnasium, assembly hall, dining room or living room, where the festival will take place in a beautiful palace of dreams.
Do not forget the fireworks - an explosion of light, b
right spray of fire, never-ending extravaganza paints.Fireworks always will delight the audience, because instead of the scene is the sky, and the actors will be colored fiery spray.
also the prom must always invite the photo and videographer.After many years you are viewing video and photos from prom can again plunge into the atmosphere of childhood, relive the joy and excitement that you felt back then.The result works photo and videographer will be the finished film on the prom in a beautiful package with the original entry, titles, and lots of special effects, beautiful album each graduate and a slide show on the evening, as well as any souvenirs.
Graduation shall be stunning.And it can become a highlight of a fascinating, colorful show program of fun.This can be a statement by artists of various genres, jugglers, dancers, bands, jugglers, parody, pop stars.