you need
  • - hearts valentines;
  • - balloons;
  • - gifts made with their own hands.
Start to send SMSes once come February 14 - Valentine's Day.Be prepared several texts of congratulations.Take care, and that the balance of the phone has been refilled.Look for fun, beautiful and tender greeting to the day of lovers on the Internet and send them to her lover.
Try to arrange such surprises, which are usually girls do not.And in vain!Draw a heart and write words of love to the guy under his windows, he found that they woke up in the morning.Sing to him a serenade, ask your friends to help you, or hire a professional artist.It will be romantic and unusual, and fun, and will long be remembered.
send the young man to work the box of balloons filled with helium.Balls choose bright shades of red and heart-shaped.Attach the disc with your greetings and delicious pastries.
Do not be lazy once again to kiss and hug her lover, the day created to caress.Make a small gift with their own hands and gave her boyfriend.It's nice to get something that made especially for you and thought of you.Glue a collage of your photos, decorate it with hearts of different sizes, write how you love your guy .
find some interesting place where you are, but I have wanted to visit.It can be an art cafe, a spa, a Chinese restaurant, a country house relaxing with a Russian bath.Pre-book there is room for the two of you and rest with pleasure.Festival lovers should take place in an atmosphere of warmth and tenderness, coming from both of you.
Enjoy the surroundings and each other's company.Do not separate your hands, let your fingers do the whole evening will be woven.Whisper sweet ear all sorts of romantic folly - the guys just love to caress, like a girl!