the first day birth child room sometimes adorn the "locomotive" of colored paper, where each carriage attached photo kid with birth and up to a year, you cansee how it grows and changes.One type of such a design of the room - a tree with apples, where every apple is also glued photograph.
The room can be decorated with an older student excerpts from old school essay "How I Spent My Summer" or "The story of the family."And the most successful paintings or crafts will add brightness and originality in the design of a child's room, especially if the child is doing crafts with her parents.Yes, and invited relatives will be interesting to look at creative birthday and honor his life of meditation.
In day birthday girl entrance to the room can be
transformed into a magical arch of flowers, streamers or small balls.Window air curtain the thin translucent curtains, attach them colored beautiful butterflies (in departments with souvenirs and sewing workshops huge selection of butterflies).You need to create a sense of paradise blooming garden that will make your daughter to believe in magic and fairy tale.
boy's room can be arranged, depending on its interests, for example, over the bed hang emblem football fan favorite team, sew covers on the chairs with ornament soccer ball.If your son - a fan of the cartoon "Cars", make room for an impromptu track of all stockpiled them machines of this cartoon, and together with the guests try to pass it.
Even if you decide to just decorate the room balls, refer to specialized departments in stores, whose employees make up of the balls of the composition: a bouquet of multi-colored balls, funny dog ​​or snowman cause a smile like a birthday, andhis guests.