you need
  • - map of the city;
  • - romantic dinner;
  • - gift.
Give beloved balloon flight or extreme jump in tandem.Find out what entertainment can offer in your city.You may have to make a reservation in advance.
February 14 is already felt the breath of spring, but the snowstorm and cold, snow and ice are not allowed to forget winter.Give the guy on Day St. Valentine daring ride on a sleigh with ditties and songs to the accordion.Sleds pulled by dogs, even more exotic, but not less beautiful. Valentine's Day, held in the open air in such amusements, will be remembered for a long time and pleasure for both of you.
Note that the drawings graffiti or tattoo with the same hearts will look great on a silver flask or lighter.It is a beautiful and useful gift for a guy, and will be reflected in the pattern of an idea of ​​the holiday of lovers.Do not forget the traditional "Valentine" - osypte Man when giving a present in the form of confetti hearts.
Turn your gift into an adventure.Buy a map of your town and directions festive walk, where, in the final paragraph of your lover will wait for a surprise.Prepare yourself a gift.It may consist of a romantic dinner and follow him passionate night.If you - happy owner of a single housing with a surprise of this kind have no problems.The other girls should advance to find an apartment or hotel room.
Mark interesting places on the map that will be attractive to your guy.It can be sports clubs where you can play bowling or billiards.The exhibition at the Museum of weapons or other interesting displays is also not to be missed.Develop a route so that the way of your route across cozy cafes where you could relax, to share experiences and have a cup of coffee and cake.Evening suit and a bar with fresh beer, your lover is unlikely to be against such a gift on February 14.
and not miss the premiere of the blockbuster comedy or drama.Moving around the city according to your intended plan, you gradually approach the destination of the festive program - apartment with cooked a romantic dinner and a bed with rose petals.The whole day will be the answer to the question of what to give the guy on Day St. Valentine.