So, to surprise a loved one in Day St. Valentine , get up early in the morning, go down to the yard and making a snowman.On his chest, attach the heart with the name of your second half.However, the need to monitor the safety of the gift, that none of the neighbors stole your creation, and it was not an original greeting for someone else.
Make a collage of pictures, which depicted the happiest moments of your life (holidays, birthday, New Year or just interesting walk).Complete composition cartoons and witty comments.Ready collage insert in the frame, which also can be made independently.
your lover full of plans and ideas, he wants to do everything and achieve a lot - make for a personal horoscope, which will come true all his dreams.
If you have many happy
moments associated with musical compositions, make a symbolic collection of songs and write them to disk, and you arrange.Your choice will listen to him, for example, in the car and think about you.
Another way to surprise a loved one February 14 - come to his office in an elegant dress and with his favorite dish, of course, prepared by your caring hands.Following a lunch break, he will remember for a long time!
your chosen incorrigible pragmatic and devoid of all expression of romance - arrange it just a quiet evening without too much chatter and laughter on the phone with her friends, without "soap operas" on TV.Prepare his favorite, if not the most refined dish look together his favorite movie.
Hide and make a gift for the beloved "treasure map".Check her place in the apartment where he must perform some tasks.For example, send your other half to the bedside table with a vase, which will be a sign to "put the bouquet in a vase" (if you are confident that he will bring the flowers).Then point chosen in the room where he will light the candles, etc.Your quest unwitting lover will appreciate this surprise Day St. Valentine and, of course, a gift that he eventually will.
Buy or make for yourself and your favorite pair of rose-colored glasses.You agree that you will wear them when they arise small troubles of life.