In recent years become increasingly popular board games.Previously, such games, in which it was necessary to move with the help of chips on the playing field and perform some tasks were very common, but then ceased to be of interest to young people.Now the big companies once again enjoy playing "Monopoly" or other business games, the various strategies or historical subjects.Entertainment like "Activiti" can combine and board games, and pantomime, and word games.Fans can even arrange a home chess or checkers tournament.Various thematic dominoes or bingo will give a good time for a friendly cheerful company.Fans of card gam
es, you can spend time playing poker, preference, bridge or conventional "Fool."
restless for friends if there is enough free space, you can organize outdoor games.Although, of course, mobile games are designed for longer streets, some of them can be done at home.Popular game in this category is considered the twister, where guests will have to make the most ridiculous poses to stay in the game.Size twister mat can be of different sizes, as well as the number of participants.You can also arrange a tournament in table hockey or football, if there are such devices.Now quite common variety of dance and sports simulators, because they can be installed on your computer.
Another attraction for more relaxed company may become the so-called intellectual games.This includes the popular "Mafia" or "Guess who the murderer", which is necessary to calculate all playing negative characters, and by these characters need to divert suspicion from himself.You can play the well-known from childhood game of "broken telephone" - mature companies may find it even more fun than in childhood.Games Association or play puzzles, too, may like a big company, because for them, do not even have to get up from the table.A little more than a mobile game "Crocodile" or "pantomime" when the master must show without words hidden word or phrase to the rest of it unraveled.As a variant of this game draws a hidden word on the whiteboard or just a piece of paper, not saying a word.There is another interesting game in which the participants of glue on each other's forehead stickers somehow make come true hero, each player must guess which character it is, asking questions about yourself to other participants.
If a party is arranged on the birthday or receive any awards, you can arrange a festive games such as "Phantom" when all the guests birthday gives tasks.Also popular games on the knowledge of hero for the day and its interests, and you can organize everything as in various television shows such as "Field of Dreams," "Liar," "O Lucky Man", "The Weakest Link", etc.Harder everyone here would have the organizers of these activities.
For larger companies provides various humorous quiz or a game in the "Q & A", when a variety of delicate and not very questions and suitable to all the answers in advance to write and print on paper, and the players just take out separatelycard and a card with a question with an answer and read aloud.Can get very funny coincidence, for example, "How often do you travel on public transport without a ticket?" - "No witnesses this case, of course, will" or "Would you like to have a lover (lover)?" - "No pair of glasses I doI can not say, "etc.