you need
  • - medical certificate,
  • - swimsuit or trunks,
  • - bathing cap,
  • - goggles,
  • - towels, slippers, soap and cleansers.
Bring a medical certificate.Not all, but many water parks require a certificate, which must be written, that you are not a carrier of dangerous infectious diseases, and your health is good enough to go swimming.If you go to the water park with the children, take reference to children.Help is easy to get to the clinic in the community.Go to the reception to the local doctor and tell him that you need a "certificate for a swimming pool."The doctor already knows what it says.If for some reason to get to the district for you is difficult, then, for a fee similar reference prescribed many medical centers.
If you are a man, you need heat.It must be special trunks for the pool made of a special fabric, which is not spreading from the chlorinated pool water.Popular styles for men's swimming trunks - slips and boxers.Boxers hugs the body well, choose them, if this option is the most convenient to you.Slips - more ergonomic version, so they usually are more popular.When choosing slips useful to consider whether there is a string on them, in addition to fixing gum.
Women will need a sports swimming swimsuit.Do not wear in the water park a beautiful beach bathing suit: you spoil it.Also, do not swim in the sea in sports swimsuit, salt water is harmful for him.Make sure that a part of the fabric is not less than 10-20% Lycra.Swimsuit must be your time, never crash into the skin and does not fall off the shoulders.
a swimming cap is needed, it protects your hair from chlorinated water in the water park.All hats for adults are the same size, so the main problem, in addition to the colors and patterns, will be material.Latex and rubber caps are not as convenient as fabric or silicone, but they are cheaper.Such caps are good for those who rarely use the pool.Silicone cap a bit more expensive and much more pleasant for the head and fabric - Optimum feels, but it is the high friction coefficient.There are different hybrid options.
Points in the water park is not necessary, but without eyes will be constantly exposed to chlorinated water, which comes from the irritation and redness.They are most comfortable neoprene glasses.There are even glasses with anti-allergic components.
Do not forget about personal hygiene: towels, slippers, soap, washcloth.It is very important to deal with a soap and washcloth, wash you need to visit the water park and beyond.Flip flops will protect your feet from fungi and bacteria.