If your girlfriend has not yet found a soul mate, or recently broke up with a guy, your greetings on this day in any case should not remind her that she was alone.Therefore, do not send her a Valentine from "anonymous" with flowery declarations of love, do not write in regards phrases like "he is sorry that you threw," "somewhere wanders and your happiness", better just to wish her to be happy and expressed confidencethat is about to knock her house, too love.
As for the gifts, buy not just a beautiful Valentine, a card "best friend" or "Beloved Friend" write in her kind words about how you love her and how thankful foryour friendship.Secure the best photo sharing, you can circle it in the heart as a sign of what is in your heart, it has a significan
t place.A pillow as a heart, a beautiful photo album in pink, or with a suitable occasion for print, the original clock in the shape of a heart or pot holders, coffee topiary, which will create comfort in any home, will be a wonderful addition to any congratulatory words.Close friend can give a certificate to the laundry room or together to go to the spa.
If the friend is not alone, you can give the video clip of the photos about her love story with a young man, a pillow with their joint photo, warm blanket and a set for tea parties - in short, the things that can beuse two of which are alike in a couple.A collection of aromatic oils or candles (not only with strawberry scent, but coniferous, for example, or lavender), discreet teddy bear and a bottle of champagne will tell her friend that you wish her happiness with her beloved man and respect her choice.
If you work together, decorate your desktop your girlfriend to her arrival: place holder for business cards in the form of heart on the mirror write (washable paint) "The Most Beautiful Girl" and a computer hang a few heartswith kind words "Everything will turn out," "You're the best," "I love you" to the chair, attach a balloon in the form of heart.Break up with flavored tea and a box of delicious chocolates will be a great addition to the holiday and give a good mood.