you need
  • - your web browser Mozilla Firefox.
Mozilla Firefox have a lot of advantages: speed, reliability, easy search, the ability to open multiple tabs simultaneously.And this is only a small part of the advantages of this browser.And with each new version of the program becomes even better.But to take full advantage of the browser, it must be updated regularly.
However, a properly configured browser itself will inform you about the appearance of the latest version.To keep abreast of software innovations, sufficient to establish the auto-update feature.To do this, on top of the work pane, locate and open the "Tools" menu.Then, in the drop-down box, select "Settings."
The screen opens extra page where you can set your browser options you want.The top line dialo
g box, scroll to "Advanced", which opens a list of additional options.You will need a third section - "updates.
selecting the first line, you set the automatic update of Mozilla Firefox ,.The brackets of the item, explained: recommended, since it increases the security of your computer and the Internet.In this case, each time you start Mozilla will check for new versions.If these are discovered, they are automatically downloaded and installed on your computer.
You can "instruct" the program notifies you if updates are disabled during any supplement.To do this, put a tick in the box.
During the upgrade, you can decide which changes to make to the program, and what - to reject.One of the items offers ignore all updates.But in this case you may endanger your computer and personal data in it, and on Internet sites.
Another sub-settings allows you to decide what changes need to be installed.It can be a variety of add-ons and plug-ins for search engines.