For example, many tourists who decided to rest for the first time without a tour operator, was surprised to learn that it is actually a great time in the Canary Islands and pay them 500 euros for a two week stay.Of course, the main catch this trip is to purchase tickets and reservations at the hotel.So you should take care of it in advance (booking sites hotel directly -,, especially if you go on holiday with your baby - in this case, how can more responsibly to the choice of the hotel.But airfare without the involvement of a tour operator in most cases will be

easier and more cost-effective, regardless of the services which airline you plan to use.The fact that tour operators are always only direct charter flights and booking tickets by yourself, you can choose the low-cost airlines offer (company Low cost - low cost airlines).This allows you to save up to 50% of the total cost of the flight.The same goes for the food on holiday - many visitors are surprised to learn that the lunches and dinners in the most comfortable restaurants and cafes can often be cheaper than the food at the hotel, which is included in the standard tours offered by tour operators.And if you have the opportunity to purchase products in local supermarkets and prepare them yourself, the cost of holiday will be significantly reduced.In order to make your holiday was interesting and fun, make for themselves the so-called cultural program.Typically, tour operators in advance make a list of excursions offered by tourist in a given country.But relax without a tour operator can also be interesting - in fact, their own making a list of places that are worth visiting, you can include the sights that you do not offer neither the tour operator.To do this, simply go to the forum and read reviews from travelers about the sights of the country, or simply buy a detailed guide.