you need
  • - postcard valentines;
  • - red roses;
  • - toys and various items in the shape of a heart;
  • - chocolate and candy.
notes and cards that you give this day to each other, known as "valentines" because the priest Valentine wrote a love note to his girlfriend, being sentenced to death for the wedding of Roman legionaries.He signed it this message: "Your Valentine", and first love notes written by romantics on February 14 were anonymous, and in the end there was just such a signature, which made the priest.
From time immemorial we have reached this tradition - to write the note, beloved.They are called by the name of romance priest - "Valentin
e"!Apart from love letters to this day, it decided to give the heart.This gift you can buy, paint, sculpt, bake, sew, tie, forge, weave, that is, to use any skill, some have.The main thing you need to do all this with a pure heart.
For Italians this day is the "sweet" and give them to each other, of course, all of the most delicious confections.Chocolates in the shape of a heart and present to you her lover.Wrap them in red foil and place in a box, to which is attached a note-valentine.Firms, bake cakes, will provide you with the service for the production of products with your photos.It will be a wonderful surprise for your loved one!
Another symbol of the day St. Valentine - it is red roses.Hand morning of February 14 bouquet of red roses and the woman he loves both of you, it is likely not get a job in this day and spend it together.
Make an incredible bouquet of balloons, "valentines", flowers, small stuffed toys and candy to his lover.This unusual flower arrangement struck her in the heart.
find hilarious plush kittens and cubs leverets with furry paws clamped in soft hearts.All products in the shape of hearts or with their image suitable for a gift to the Valentine day.A piece of soap, candles, photo frames, glassware, gloves, covers for all kinds of things, knitted hats - many of which can be found for a gift favorite
Give your sweetheart a romantic dinner and an evening in the jacuzzi.Such a surprise, you can organize yourself or order from professionals.
Make postcard valentines music or speaking your voice.The sound file can be written to disk and attach to the message of your warm words of love.