Start Google Chrome, if you use the Internet to work with this particular program.In the upper right corner of the window locate the button with the image of a stylized spanner and push it left mouse button.A list of the menu, there is the inscription "History".Left-click on this line.Open a new browser tab, which lists all visited for the last time and resources page.An added convenience is that indicated while visiting a particular site.At the bottom of the page has navigation links marked "earlier" and "later."Use these links to view the last page.
Open Opera.The latest version number 11.60 main menu of the program has
changed significantly, and find some buttons became more difficult.Left-click on the logo in red in the upper left corner of the screen.From the drop-down menu, select the line "History".This opens a new tab with a list of sites you've visited in a folder called "Today," "Yesterday," "Last week."Click on the icon in the form of a plus sign to expand a detailed list and find the right page.
Left-click menu "History" in the upper menu bar, the browser Mozilla Firefox.Select the first option "Show All History".Opens in two parts: on the left will be the category in order of old, and the right - a list of sites you've visited.Select the left of the desired time period and to scroll through the list in the right half of the window.
run in Internet Explorer.Press the button on the keyboard Alt, appeared to control menu of the program.Left-click on the "View" menu and select the line "Explorer Bar".A submenu appears, where tap "History".On the left side of the page appears the list of visited pages, grouped by date.Click on the link to your preferred period to see the relevant pages.